Band Spotlight: DEATH PUNCH

Death Punch is a 5 piece Punk Band from Southern California. Death Punch’s lyrics and music are delivered with “aggression and absolute attitude,” brags the band. The group stays loyal to its central ideals while finding new ways to expand and grow from song to song. “The music that flows through Death Punch is heavily influenced by the heart and soul.” The band has been together for seven years, making music that reflects the punk ethos while avoiding formulaic punk rock expression.

Death Punch will be releasing a split with Orange County’s The Sparring on August 9th 2011. The band’s previous release was “Is This The End?”. The more recent music, says Death Punch, is beefed up with a dual guitar attack that brings the band’s sound to a new step of evolution.

Catch Death Punch performing live Sunday August 28th at The House of Blues Hollywood with The Casualties, JFA and The Angry Samoans


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