Ode To The Road – Part 2

Dead To Me, Off With Their Heads, and Riverboat Gamblers
Somewhere in the Middle of The Country With 36 Muffins

Killa’ Karl was nice enough to assume the duties of being an unofficial correspondent for Old Shoe while out on the road tour managing for our friends Riverboat Gamblers. Aside from being a bit of a creep, Karl manages to be that charming creep – you know, the one that tells a decent story and sometimes says the things we wish we could.

Here are a few more entires as the three bands travel across this great country in the middle of the Summer. While Karl doesn’t do a great job of detailing the shows, we can tell you that this will hit home for anyone who has ever lived out of a van in the throws of some of the worst weather known to man. You’ll laugh. For everyone else, you might cry. Either way, get familiar with all three bands – NOW.

Colorado Springs, CO – Just walking into the venue alone, The Black Sheep, I knew this wasn’t gonna be a great show. I mean c’mon…it’s a Sunday in Colorado Springs. We have the same opening band that played with us in Denver…”St. Fall Apart”, who are pretty rad. The crowd was just really small and not too enthusiastic. I felt bad for the big 3 bands…knowing first hand how hard it is to actually give a shit about playing well to a crowd of knobs who just stand there staring. i pass the time at merch by chopping it up with Shelby, DTM’s merch girl. Basically just being weird, and trying to make her laugh all the time. Here are a couple of my favorite dickhead things i’ve said to her. “SHELBY!! its really hot in here, Huh? We’re gonna have to work topless”, “Why are you starring at me? That’s how girls end up pregnant”. Fuck…I’m just ready to get back to Denver and go to sleep. We have a day off tomorrow, but at some point, have to start a 10 hour drive to Kansas City, MO.

Kansas City, MO – Yesterday we drove from Boulder, CO to Hays, KS…about 6hrs. we woke up around 11am, it’s 100 degrees outside, and we have 4 hours of driving left to get to KC. Anyone who’s made this drive, or driven anywhere in Middle Earth, knows how much it fucking blows. Oh Kansas City…other than Gates BBQ, you fucking suck. However…our friend Ashley lives here. She’s coming to the show and we’re crashing at her place tonight. She texts me before the show “Hey i made cran/raspberry muffins for you. One dozen is for your belated birthday present, the second dozen is for putting me on the guest list, and the third dozen is for you to do with as you please”. I replied “Ashley…what the FUCK am I gonna do with 36 muffins?”…”You can share them, you ungrateful little prick. I’m gonna tell your Father that you were being an asshole to me, and then I’m gonna steal your dog”. At one point she asked me to marry her cause I told her that her Ex-Boyfriend (who was at the show) “looked like he tried out for Avenged Sevenfold, but didn’t make the cut because even they thought he was too lame”. Other than that. Kansas City was hot and boring. Next stop – Triple Rock in Minneapolis, MN. Yeah, we’ll have some stories.


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