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Pulverizing Punk Upstarts DEATH PUNCH and THE SPARRING release the spit, ROUND 1 

Orange County, CA – Aug. 12, 2011 – Channeling the roots of the punk subculture, two of Southern California’s most promising prospects have joined forces to launch their modern take on a time honored tradition. Simply titling the release ROUND 1, Death Punch and The Sparring go for the jugular with eight tracks of all out release. Contributing four tracks apiece, ROUND 1 is anchored by the fundamentals of cathartic punk rock music – driving percussion, flammable string work, and vocal delivery that is part punk swagger, part war cry.

From Los Angeles, the quintet known as DEATH PUNCH might be young, but have already cemented a fervent following among punk purists. Routinely supporting artists that span the generational divide, DEATH PUNCH has shared the stage with everyone from The ADICTS and FEAR, to STRUNG OUT and DEATH BY STEREO. Projecting a sound that is both aggressive and articulate, the five hone in on a message that manages to retain the socially conscious foundation of punk, while never forgetting the pit. In much of the same vein as The Casualties, Bad Religion, and Anti-Flag, DEATH PUNCH is indeed that old school feel with a new car smell.

A little further east on the 91 in Fullerton, CA, THE SPARRING has begun establishing their own punk rock legacy. On the strength of the band’s first 3-song EP, indie punk darlings Old Shoe Records immediately began a partnership. Cathartic, relentless, outright flammable, THE SPARRING would go on to land a spot on the summer long trek of the Vans Warped Tour, showcase their brand successfully at SXSW, and earn the adulation of a wide array of genre mainstays ranging from STREET DOGS and FACE to FACE, to EVERY TIME I DIE! and RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS.

The collaborative effort simply titled ROUND 1, marks the first split from OLD SHOE RECORDS  and ushers in a new era of ageless punk rock tradition. Featuring (3) three new, original recordings from each DEATH PUNCH and THE SPARRING, the overall theme to the album fits perfectly with the title – complete release. Stage dives, circle pits, 20 fans to one microphone, ROUND 1 harnesses the sheer combustion that is a DEATH PUNCH or THE SPARRING onstage. Both bands are also finalizing tour dates to bring the madness to a city near you.

These boys are taking off the gloves – things are about to get heavy.


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What happens when you try to interview The Sparring?

The Sparring and Death Punch have a Split coming out August 9th called “Round 1” Here is The Sparring attempting to tell you about it……                  Enjoy!

Band Spotlight: DEATH PUNCH

Death Punch is a 5 piece Punk Band from Southern California. Death Punch’s lyrics and music are delivered with “aggression and absolute attitude,” brags the band. The group stays loyal to its central ideals while finding new ways to expand and grow from song to song. “The music that flows through Death Punch is heavily influenced by the heart and soul.” The band has been together for seven years, making music that reflects the punk ethos while avoiding formulaic punk rock expression.

Death Punch will be releasing a split with Orange County’s The Sparring on August 9th 2011. The band’s previous release was “Is This The End?”. The more recent music, says Death Punch, is beefed up with a dual guitar attack that brings the band’s sound to a new step of evolution.

Catch Death Punch performing live Sunday August 28th at The House of Blues Hollywood with The Casualties, JFA and The Angry Samoans