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The Circle Sessions – FICTION REFORM


Among working class bands, there is an additional satisfaction that comes with every milestone. A big show, a great review, a small tour, maybe even some cash – these are the especially sweet cherries on top for the musicians that trudge along in an effort to play their songs in front of a receptive, reciprocating audience. The misconception by now, has long been dispelled. The imaginary backstage full of important folks and warm hospitality is usually a dusty corner, some cold, domestic beers and a second to collect your thoughts before it’s time to hit the stage. Glamor, far from it.

For Southern California’s FICTION REFORM, the grind is all too familiar. Between small clubs and bar shows, the band has earned mainstage performances alongside the likes of Misfits, The Vandals, and most recently, Social Distortion. In part, the reason the band has earned those coveted spots is because they figured out long ago that performing music was just the fun part of the job.

As a crucial part of the Basement Records family, front woman Brenna Red and bassist Danielle Lehman talk about remaining viable in the eyes of their fans almost more then they do about songwriting. Having music featured on multiple TV series including The Dudesons and Rob Dydek’s Fantasy Factory both on the MTV Networks, the ladies echo a sentiment that seems to resonate in everything the band does – taking the stage is the fun part, but that only seems to happen ideally, when the business of being in a working class band is in order first. To be in this band, you need to work, earn, then you get the reward of letting it all show on stage. Watch edition of the Circle Sessions featuring the ladies of FICTION REFORM.

Circle Sessions “Fiction Reform” Jan 2013 from Circle Sessions on Vimeo.

Shows you need to know about July 19th-24th

Here are a few shows YOU need to know about!

Jay from The Sparring

Tuesday July 19th:                                                                                                         Continental & Your Arsenal                                                                                                   The Shakedown Bar in San Diego                                                          http://www.theshakedownsd.com

Alkaline Trio                                                                                                                 Troubadour                                                                                     http://www.troubadour.com

Wednesday July 20th:                                                                                  Flexx Bronco, Continental,                                                                                                   The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen                            http://www.slidebarfullerton.com

Thursday July 21st                                                                                                       Alkaline Trio                                                                                                                      Troubadour                                                                                    http://www.troubadour.com

The Sparring / Death Punch                                                                                             KatieJakes Bar & Grill West Covina Continue reading