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Rage Rehearsal Video – L.A. Rising Happens July 30th

There are going to be the people that argue how obviously this was amped for the cameras, but really, let’s assume it wasn’t so we can say how rad it is to watch Rage Against The Machine getting into their own rehearsal. After a couple of decades in becoming one of rock music’s most influential outfits, to see the guys bouncing around to their own tunes brings a tear to our eye. The band just released another video in a series of behind the scenes type episodes, giving fans a glimpse into the prep for the historic L.A. Rising event happening at the L.A. Coliseum July 30th. Alongside Rage Against The Machine, Rise Against, Muse, El Gran Silencio, and Immortal Technique will comprise the support on the bill.
Rad video – peep this.